Kehinde Aina

Kehinde Aina 

A brief Profile

With a first degree in Political Science, a Law bachelors followed by an LLM degree in Law, Kehinde Aina, is known for his professionalism, innovation and visionary leadership. A Sir Alexander Darnley Award nominee for his sterling performance at the Law School, Kehinde Aina redefined the practice of law in Nigeria with notable changes in justice administration when he founded The Lagos Multi-Door Courthouse, the first connected ADR Centre in Africa. Thereafter, he saw to its replication in almost twenty state courts, established the Court of Appeal Mediation Centre and the Supreme Court Mediation Centre in Nigeria. As a lead partner in one of Africa’s leading law firms, Aina Blankson, the core competence of Kehinde Aina include mergers and acquisitions, corporate finance, litigation, international commercial arbitration and mediation which has resulted in a number of cross border representation for a wide array of clients in Africa, Europe and the MENA Region.

A sought-after litigator, renowned mediator, international arbitrator, and commercial Lawyer, he has been involved in a wide range of corporate finance, capital raise and oil and gas projects including maritime. The catalogue of transactional experience of Kehinde Aina include the Nigerian revolutionary banking sector consolidation which resulted in his representation of over fifty banks and his lead role in the merger of nine commercial banks. His numerous oil and gas experience include structuring the Nigerian Content Fund and the Ministerial Regulations for the oil and gas industry in which he led seven other law firms. While his mediation track record is second to none in Africa, his wealth of experience in arbitration and litigation has endeared him to multinational corporations, governments and international agencies including the World Bank and IFC amongst many others.

A respected former Justice of the Supreme Court of Nigeria, Hon. Justice Kayode Eso, in describing Kehinde Aina had this to say: ……. Kehinde is a seasoned lawyer, imbued with the spirit of selfless service. He is an asset to the country”

Other selected accolades on Kehinde Aina include the following:

“While he is often commended for being the brains behind the Multi-Door Courthouse concept in most judiciaries in Nigeria, it is hardly remembered that Mr Kehinde Aina financed the establishment of the Lagos Multi-Door Courthouse, spent time away from his lucrative law practice to build, grow and entrench the new project and at the appropriate time handed over the project to the judiciary. He never earned a kobo. This in my view is commendable. I believe his example is worthy of emulation.”


Hon. Justice Muhammadu Lawal Uwais, GCON

(Former Chief Justice, Supreme Court of Nigeria)

 “Now that the Alternative Dispute Resolution Crusade is flourishing, I always tell people that Kehinde Aina Esq. was the first person to embark on the campaign. I remember that you approached me over twenty-five years ago, both verbally and in writing”


Chief Folake Solanke, SAN, OON, CON

(First Female Senior Advocate of Nigeria)

 “Kehinde we are proud of you. For those of us who have walked beside you all these years, it is given. It is given because we know how committed you are to this cause. “Ideas do matter”’ they say, but putting them into concrete matter, must matter even more”


Chief Arthur Mbanefo, CON

(Former Nigerian Ambassador to the United Nations)


“Heartiest congratulations for the national recognition with the award of OFR. One thing I can vouch for anytime is that your nomination is a well deserved selection. I am happy to have this recognition in my lifetime and around to witness its conferment. My one regret however is that Justice Eso and Gamelial Onosode are not here to share the joy of this recognition with us. Once again, my warmest congratulations for an honour well deserved. Always yours”

Chief Arthur Mbanefo, CON

(October 10, 2022)



Kehinde Aina is a Senior Advocate of Nigeria (SAN) and the recipient of the national honour as an Officer of Order of the Federal Republic (OFR).